Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fringe Voices Will At Least Be Heard With Mixed Member Proportional

Some have dismissed the mixed member proportional (MMP) system because fringe parties with the support of only three percent of the population would get approximately three percent of the seats. However, they miss the obvious benefits this provides. The voiceless become frustrated exactly because they are voiceless. They see a system where their views are not even presented. With the MMP system these fringe elements will have an opportunity for their voices to be heard. Where they are reasonable they will have a chance to see their views impact public policy in Ontario. The fear is that some of the less reasonable views will be adopted by the major parties in their attempts to build a majority coalition. However, the overlooked benefit is that these fringe elements will see that their voices are being heard. Providing them a voice is likely to reduce any anger they have at the system and encourage them to engage in a democratic way.

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Wilf Day said...

As some Citizens' Assembly members like to say, "we can afford to open the doors to more choices in Ontario, because we have few extremists barking at the door."