Wednesday, September 19, 2007

VoteforMMP the Best Website

The Ontario referendum on mixed member proportional (MMP) is well underway and few voters know it is happening, let alone understand it. I am somewhat surprised by how little presence the no and yes side have had. I presume that their funds are limited and they have made the decision to have a concentrated effort in the last two weeks of the campaign rather than a dispersed effort throughout the whole campaign. At least I suspect that is true for the pro MMP side. For those opposed to MMP, I suspect they will not have enough funding to mount any effort.

Having said that, I thought I would provide a review of the two websites again: VoteforMMP and NoMMP.

Suprisingly, neither site has changed. The VoteforMMP site is well laid out presenting a professional image. The NoMMP site gets across its message, but it looks far less professional. I had expected the two sites to evolve over the campaign. Neither have. So VoteforMMP keeps its title as the best website.

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Bloggers for MMP said...

Thanks for the objective assessment.

While the Vote for MMP site hasn't changed its look, there's lot of new content like Prominent Endorsers' list and lively blog function on the home page.

Interesting that NoMMP does not allow even comments, let alone readers to post their own content.

If they did, people might ask them tough questions like, "If MMP is so favorable to party hacks, why are most of the backroom operators opposed to it"?

But I suppose that using the internet for one way communication is yet another example of how reform opponents are living in the past, denying people the right to express their opinions when they control the communication tools.

How else to continue spreading misinformation, distortions and outright falsehoods at times.