Tuesday, August 14, 2007

VoteforMMP Needs To Get A Grip

There is an article at the VoteforMMP site that has finally inspired me to write this. Those supporting mixed member proportional (MMP) in the referendum need to get a grip. They keep bitching that the government is not doing enough to promote the referendum and the media is not giving it enough coverage. It is the dog days of summer! The media coverage has been appropriate. The government's promotion has been appropriate. And it will all ramp up as we head into October. Until then, go to the beach, have a cooler and relax.


Wilf Day said...

The piece you refer to is from a different site: Canadians for Democratic Media.


It notes "In an Environics survey of Ontario voters conducted in June, most said they were “not at all familiar with the recent recommendation of the Citizen’s Assembly on Electoral Reform to change the electoral system in Ontario”. The Environics release notes that “only 28 percent of Ontario voters say they have any familiarity with this proposal”."

Oddly, it's the smaller cities who have been told most. Osprey's dozens of small dailies have carried a series of pieces keeping readers up to date. The Toronto Star has ignored it until recently, while the Globe has given it better attention on the comment pages but little news coverage yet.

Will things get better in September? Let's hope. But those who want to push for better coverage have a point.

Anonymous said...

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