Thursday, September 20, 2007

Toronto Mayor: Mixed Member Proportional Good For Toronto

Toronto Mayor David Miller stated on TVO's The Agenda this week that mixed member proportional (MMP) will be good for Toronto. He believes that rural Ontario is currently overrepresented in the legislature and a MMP system will bring things into a better balance by providing more representation for Toronto. He also believes that if the provincial government does not support the needed demands of Toronto that a City Party would innevitably be created under the MMP system. Presumably a City Party would be a party that supports the interests of larger urban centres in Ontario like Toronto and Ottawa. He also dismissed critics of the "list candidates" of the MMP system, these would be appointed by the political parties, stating that voters would not vote for a party with a bad composition of list candidates.

It is hard to say exactly what impact the Mayor's comments will have on the Ontario referendum. It will undoubtedly increase support for MMP in Toronto. However, will it have the opposite effect in rural Ontario?


Wayneon said...

Under MMP, every vote counts, no matter how you vote or where you vote. Every party will elect MPPs in every part of the country. Every voter will have access to MPPs from every party.

Every party and every region will be better represented under MMP.

Vote for MMP on October 10.

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